How to Deal With Text Miscommunications

How to Deal With Text Miscommunications

If you’re having a conversation via text or messenger with a friend and you’re just asking a simple question and that person responds in a way that is kind of out of the left field and you were really not expecting that person to respond that way, how do you handle it? And what I mean by that is they come across very cold or rude or mean. What do you feel is the best way to handle that? reason? I’m asking this because I had a situation recently that happened with a friend/a colleague and I just simply sent her a message asking a question and it was regarding just trying to figure out some things with regards to working.

And the response was extremely like snappy and rude and it was, you know like I said, my message was very quick and to the point and the response that I received was very snappy and rude and it was like long and I was like, where’s all of this coming from? So me being a person that I am, I don’t feel that if there are misunderstandings or someone is unhappy about something, that the best way to handle that is texting or messaging. I feel that’s the time to have a conversation where you’re speaking to each other. So yeah, you can still misunderstand someone when they’re speaking to you, but the chances are less likely because if somebody is already in a mood and they’re having a day when they’re reading the message, they already have the attitude, a negative attitude. So when they’re reading it, then they’re reading it in a way that reflects their attitude.

So that’s what I felt and I’ve just learned over time that when people snap like that, it rarely has anything to do with you. And it’s all regarding something that’s going on with that person. But I want to know how would you handle it if you’re wanting to speak to this person so that you can clear the air and make sure that there are no more misunderstandings and they refused to take it there. They just continue to go back and forth. I don’t want to say go back and forth because it wasn’t even me going back and forth with them. It was just like literally like, here’s another message that’s rude and here’s another message that’s rude and then here’s another message that’s rude and I was just like, okay, like wow. I found myself apologizing when I didn’t feel I owed an apology, but I really was just doing it for the sake of peace because I feel blessed are the Peacemakers. So I refuse to stir up strife even if I know I’m right because I’m able to give up the right for the wrong; I’ll take that “L”. Because for me it’s just not worth it to have an argument or you know, anything like that with somebody that’s already got a hothead because they’re not even going to see that you’re right or listen to reason.

They have to cool down and get in a space with, you know, cooler heads will prevail so that they can then see that, you know what I that that wasn’t cool. I really shouldn’t have come across that way. So like I said, I left it alone.

Well, I just allowed the messages to keep coming. And then finally the final message I received from that person was, sorry if I snapped at you. And it’s like, yeah you did. But I didn’t throw it back in that person’s face. I just said thank you. Because obviously, they realized that they were wrong and that’s why they said, I’m sorry. I’m sorry THAT I snapped at you.

Speaking to someone over the phone is the next best thing to a face to face confrontation. And when you’re, you know, doing something in a cowardly way, you would rather do it via text or email or some messaging app opposed to speaking to that person over the phone or you know, better yet face to face. So that’s just my opinion. But I wanted to know what you guys thought about it. I would love to get your opinion on it. So let me know in the comments section how you feel about that.

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Take Care Of Yourself To Prevent Burnout 🤯

Take Care Of Yourself To Prevent Burnout 🤯

I had a meeting late yesterday afternoon with my business accountant. My accountant is also my accountability partner. It is really important that you have somebody in your life that can keep you accountable. I would say outside of your significant other or your spouse, if you can just simply because they’re a little bit less bias and they don’t have a dog in the fight.

She, of course, wants me to win and she wants me to do exceptionally better. But even though she’s my accountant and she’s here to help me to keep things going, you know, in my business, financially, she and I, we had a computer meeting, or a zoom meeting I should say, online because she’s in another state than I’m located in. She said, “come closer to the screen for a moment.” And she said, okay, your skin is popping. Definitely, your skin is glowing. But she said, have you scheduled any time for yourself recently to do something for you, whether it’s going to get a massage or, you know, whatever it is that makes you feel good about you and that you can regroup and get some clarity. And I said, I must confess, no, I haven’t. And I just had a lot of stuff recently that I’ve been trying to handle and take care of. So it’s as we, women for the most part mainly do put ourselves on the back burner and we haven’t been doing what we need to do for ourselves.

So I started thinking about what it is that I can actually do for myself and do that on a regular basis and actually put that on the calendar. Because if it’s not on the calendar, it doesn’t really exist. You can say to as many people as you want to that you’re going to get a massage every two weeks. But if you don’t actually have that scheduled, then there’s no real accountability for it. You have to put it on the calendar. So that’s one of the things that I’m going to be doing today is putting that on a calendar. And I’m trying to think of some other things that I can do to just enjoy myself and I can get some clarity and just step away from everything. Even if it’s only for an hour.

I’m also thinking about you guys. I want to know what it is that you have been putting off. Whether it is you know you are on youtube and you’re getting more subscribers or you know, you’re getting more views on your videos or you know, some other things that you may need to be doing in business and you’re getting more clients, getting more sales. Those things may be enjoyable (and definitely, they are), but with that, there’s the saying “more money, more problems”. I’m not averse to having more problems if I’m going to have more money to be able to take care of some of those problems. Let’s just be clear with that. But what I will say is with more money comes more responsibility and so it is even more important to take more care for yourself.

Focus more on you taking those times out of your schedule to do some things for yourself so that you can really enjoy the journey. Because success is not a destination. It really isn’t. It’s a journey. You’re going to continuously be moving forward and moving onward and upward. I don’t really know of any stories of people who have really gained success that said, you know what, I’m good. I don’t need any more success. Even if that means they’re not trying to get to another level in their career. There are a lot of people focusing their energies to help other people out more. And that’s something that helps them and it makes them feel more successful where they’re becoming more philanthropic and they’re giving to more organizations and charities because they have the resources and the funds be able to do that more so now. So that is their continual journey of success.

One of the things I do regularly for myself is to take care of my facial skin. It is the first thing people see! And so my skincare line is called Inez Elizabeth Beauty. It’s an amazing combination of organic and clinical skin care ingredients to give you results to give you changes on your skin that you’re going to see and other people are going to see as well. I know that my products work and I absolutely 100% use my own products so I would love for you guys to check out the products. If you put in the code perfect10 you get 10% off of your first order of skincare products.

If you are somebody like me that you need to keep yourself accountable with, making sure you have your products when you need to use them, I have a skincare club and what that’s with this membership in the skincare club there are two levels. There’s the regular membership and there’s the VIP level, the regular membership gives you some amazing skincare products that you will get shipped to you every other month. And then with the VIP membership, there are some other benefits as well. So I’m going to have a link to that as well.

My opinion that the VIP membership is where it’s at because it’s only, I believe, $20 more per month than the regular membership and you get so many more benefits from it. So I wanted to create a skincare line that was going to be affordable and also was going to give people the results that they need for their skin. So those are definitely things that I am always doing to take care of me and that I am just taking the time out to focus on me.

So even though I may have a busy schedule with working with my business locations and doing the other things that I’m doing and then taking care of home and taking care of three dogs and doing things that I need to do for my husband, whether he’s home or he’s traveling for business, it’s a lot, but I still take that time out to take care of my skin.

Don’t forget about you because success is a journey and you have to enjoy the journey. Even though we will have obstacles, we will have trials, we will have tests in this life that we live in, those things are only momentary. But also take those moments for yourself to enjoy yourself and enjoy your life.

Beauty, Blessings & Prosperity,

How To Know You Have A Conscience For Business

How To Know You Have A Conscience For Business

I wanted to discuss having a business conscience. And what that means is someone who respects those who are in business for themselves, who respects the amazing businesses, whether it’s their franchise or you know, a mom and pop business or whatever type of business that it is. Even if it’s an apple, you are respected. Do you have a business conscience? And you’re not an employee of this business and you’re complaining about the owner. .You’re complaining about the way things operate there. .You’re complaining about the owner being successful and being rich. .You’re stealing from the business. .You’re not respecting everything that this business has supplied and paid for that’s giving you an opportunity to be an employee at their business so that you can make money. A lot of people speak negatively about jobs these days and sometimes I feel like we’re on a downward spiral when it comes to people in businesses needing employees for your business support because a lot of people just don’t want to work anymore. They want all of the trappings of success, but they don’t want to work for it in order to achieve it and obtain it for themselves. They rather get it the fast way; they want to steal from the business. They don’t respect this business and what it has provided, and it’s not to get into the topics of people who are unscrupulous in business that are multimillionaires and have money to just wipe their butt with. I’m not talking about those people. What I’m talking about is honestly, people like myself.

I’ve had people that have worked in my business claiming that they want to have their own business, but they don’t even know how to treat my business. You treat the products and supplies as if it’s nothing, but these are things that I spend so much money on. You don’t respect the way that I have set the rules and regulations up in the employee handbook because you want to do things your way and yeah, you want to have your own business. If you don’t know how to treat someone else’s business and be a great employee in theirs, how do you really expect to have a successful business of your own? Again, like I say all the time, being in business is not all about you. It’s about everyone else and you are on the receiving end of it with gaining the success and the wealth and the money and the prestige and the other things that come along with that, but it doesn’t negate the work that you have to do and a lot of people don’t want to work.

I went to one of my beauty business locations not long ago and I was doing some things after I had some former staff leave that I needed to get rid of and, you know, clean some things up to get some new people in and it was just amazing to me how some of the simplest things that they should know how to operate products and tools and supplies. They were so sloppy with that. It was just money for me in the garbage because they weren’t taking care of things the way that they needed to take care of. And it was just a joke to me because I’m thinking, okay, you say you want to have your own business. You say, you eventually want to be an entrepreneur, but yet you can’t treat the things that I have provided for you to work with to be taken care of and you want to have your own business.

Like you can’t even take the trash out. I’m just saying it starts with the simple things. When I worked in other people’s businesses, I always respected their stuff and I can honestly say that it has a lot to do with how far I’ve gotten in life and business because I’ve treated people at other people’s businesses and things with honor and respect, whether I care for them that much or not. And that just really didn’t have anything to do with it. Even back when I was a legal assistant, I didn’t get upset when the attorneys would take time off and go golfing and they didn’t come in until noon, you know, on a Friday or they may not have come in at all. I said one of these days that’s going to be me, not saying I want it to be an attorney or be out on a golf course, but I’m saying having a more flexible schedule.

But while I was there, I respected and honored what was going on there and I did my job and I didn’t steal from anyone. I didn’t destroy their property, I didn’t disrespect them. So it makes a big difference. How you start is how you will end app. Are you an entrepreneur that has employees and your business and you don’t feel that they have a business conscience because they don’t respect your business? Are you an employee now and are you aware of the business and what they are giving you an opportunity to do?

Beauty, Blessings & Prosperity,