And I can now understand what all the quack is about! This place is so cute on the inside. It’s pretty simple as well, has a few tables and a lunch counter type table at the windows where multiple people can sit, gather around and enjoy their items they’ve indulged in. I decided to give this place a try because I was in the area for business, and heard so many good things about it. I’m not a huge sweets fanatic, but I like a good sweet bite now and then.

Truth be told, when I usually come to the area, 1 out of 3 times, I would make a swing by Krispy Kreme to get a donut or twelve (LOL) because I don’t live nearby any Krispy Kreme locations, and it’s hard to resist that glazed sensation of goodness.

When I decided to come to this location, I was a little nervous. You’d probably say what the heck for, and I would say to you that I normally would go to the drive thru line of Krispy Kreme, so I didn’t have to go inside. This place doesn’t have a drive thru line, and I have never been here, so I didn’t know what to expect. If you are like me, The only real experience you’ve had with doughnuts besides Krispy Kreme’s is the hard donuts that come in a bag at the grocery store. Yuck! So, I had this thought that any other donuts besides Krispy Kreme would be the same as those other un-delectable concoctions I’ve had many many years ago.

So I had to make the trip to the counter to order. Clearly, the others who were inside ordering were pros to this place and I was a mere amateur. I didn’t want to look silly, so I took a menu and sat down to examine it, and make sure I was going to order just what I would want to taste. There were so many items that looked appealing to me, and I started to get excited a little bit! So their donuts are freshly-made vanilla cake donuts that are coated, topped and drizzled as you desire with the offerings they have on the menu, some such as coffee, toffee and even bacon! (Everything is better with bacon, right?!)

I ordered one Vanilla iced with toffee topping and caramel drizzle, and one Lemon iced with Powdered sugar. Because I was leaving the area, I wanted to enjoy it at home, which is a pretty hefty drive one way. But when I got home and opened that box, man oh man when I tell you it was delicious! I cannot even tell a lie. I got a spoon to take a small bite and I was not disappointed. The donut was extremely soft to place my spoon into, and that first bite was so off the chain, I had to continue. But I did have self control, and I didn’t eat both of that at once. I just enjoyed a few bites of each, and saved the rest for later. (Mainly because I was kicking myself that I didn’t order more, so I wanted to savor what was remaining and enjoy it later)

Give Duck Donuts a try if you are in the Columbia, SC area. They also have online ordering to make it easier for you to just come in and pick up. I know I will not be a stranger to this place, they honestly may get tired of seeing me more in the future, because they will definitely be seeing more of me!

My Trip to Dubai

My Trip to Dubai

My husband surprised me with a plane ticket to go to Dubai. He shot me a text message that said to check my email a little over a month ago and so I did and when I checked my email, I saw that there was a plane ticket that was purchased for me going to Dubai for 5 days from the end of July thru the beginning of August.

The majority of my preparation was more of a mental since it was going to be my first time to travel out of the country. The first thing that I secured was my passport and made sure that I have it in my carryon bag that I use when I travel, I don’t want to be in a foreign country and find out that I did not have my passport with me. One of the things that freak me out in a long travel was being out with a lot of people I don’t know and having to use public facilities and by that, the restrooms! So I made sure that I have everything that I need for the airplane bathroom in my carryon bag like Lysol spray, Clorox wipes, gloves and all those things like that.

One of the things that I was anxious about was the travel, 21 hours, 3 different planes and getting to my destination safely. When I got there, it was so different from the US, it’s like I’m technically in another world. My plane experience was so tiring, there were children running around the plane and children screaming which is I’m not accustomed to. I arrived in Dubai at night and it was over 100 degrees and it was at night! And I was not prepared for that though I am used to humidity being living in the south but dealing with humidity at night is a different story.

We stayed at the Atlantis Palm Resort in Dubai and the place was EXQUISITE. I loved our room, it has an ocean site view room but I really did not enjoy the patio since it was hot outside at all times. There were a lot of constructions going on that added to the dusty haze appearance in the skies. Majority of my time was spent in the resort but I did go to some other places in Dubai like the Dubai malls. I went to the Mall of the Emirates, the Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifah which is the tallest building. It goes up to 126 floors but the tourists and guests are only allowed in the 123rdfloor to observe. The elevator experience in Burj Khalifa was something that I was not prepared for, my ears were popping. I tested my fear of heights by walking around the glass walls and there were servers that were serving drinks and it was a nice experience.

One of the coolest experiences I had was in Dubai Mall where they have an indoor ski area which was really cold.  There was also a Pelican experience in the Dubai Mall and my husband and I signed up for it but I did not touch or pet them since you are required to take off your gloves and I refused to do that since I was freezing cold, it was just my husband who pet them while I was just observing. When the night came, they had a fountain show where all of these different fountains were like dancing while there was music in the background and there were a lot of people who watched. We were not able to see the entirety of the show but it was a cool experience.

Since the days Kardashians and all the social media exposure of Dubai including celebrities and make it seem like a go-to place for a luxury travel and the place is cool and there are a lot of things that you can see and do in Dubai but I am not sure if it’s one of my goals to go back to Dubai but I am still thankful that I was able to visit the place and I’m glad that my husband surprised me with this trip and it was something that I can say that I came, I saw, I conquered and my passport has been stamped!

Wishing You a Successful Beauty-Filled Journey,
Elizabeth Jennings💕