Why Competition is a Waste of Time

Why Competition is a Waste of Time

Okay, in talking about competition you should know that I am somebody who really comes from things from a more spiritual aspect. And when you are thinking from things from a spiritual aspect, you know, that you have the power to create, and you have the power to see things manifest. And when you are wasting your time competing with other people, thinking about what other people are doing that may be similar to what you’re doing, thinking about how you can take from somebody else that is in possibly the same industry, it’s such a waste of time to even think about these things. Your focus is off!

When your focus is off, then nothing is really going to come into alignment the way that it should be. You really have to be focus on what is important. And when you are thinking about competition, more likely than not, even if you’re not thinking about competition in a way of how do I take from this other company so that I can gain, but you’re thinking about what can I use or how can I operate in the way that this other person or this other company or organization is operating, then you’re not focusing on yourself. You should instead be looking to create. Also you get by giving.

When you’re focusing on competing with someone else or others or another company or organization, you’re not focusing on giving and you grow by giving. One of the ways that I grew in my life and I grew in my business was because I gave more than I got. And I do believe that givers do gain. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there that love to be takers, and you may see them come up. You may see them even come up really fast, but that’s not a way to be sustainable. You grow by giving. And when you’re focusing on competing with others, you’re not focusing on giving. You’re focusing on taking. So your focus is 100% completely off. When you know that you have the power to create, and you know that you have the power to manifest, then you should be focusing on and in those areas to manifest and create.

And when you are focused on taking from others, then you don’t have the right mindset. You’re not focusing on the abundance that is already there. And there is so much abundance in this earth. I know we hear about recession and about possible depressions. We hear about people losing. We hear about those different types of things, and yes, those things go on and yes, those things are true, but you really can’t focus on those things.

When I started my business in 2008, it was during the time of a recession and close to a depression, but I wasn’t focused on that. My focus was on, what can I do. . . My focus was on, what do I want to have . . . My focus was on what is possible for me during this time. So I was focused on that and thinking back on it now, I wasn’t even as strong in my spiritual being and in my spiritual beliefs back then as I am now. But even back then, I knew that I had this God-given power to create. . .This God given power to be able to manifest. And yeah, it was scary. I’m not saying that it wasn’t a time where I was trying to figure things out and I just knew all of the routes to take. I didn’t, but I wasn’t focused on the crashes that were going on around. I was focusing on what can I have out of this time and space now. And that’s where my focus was. And because my focus was on growth and on establishing and because I also was giving as well, I was able to gain and I was able to grow.

And being one who is in the beauty industry. I’ll give you guys an example. And this is one that I gave to a young lady who is in the beauty industry who was trying to figure out her next move. She teaches at a cosmetology school, and it’s not something that she really desired to continue doing, but she has these thoughts of what can be if she actually worked in a salon and had to pretty much start over and start to build and start to create. She just was thinking, well, what if another business nearby is already doing what we’re doing so I gave her this example. I’m in a completely different state than she’s located in, but in pretty much every state in the United States of America, there are commercial shopping strips and commercial shopping centers. And pretty much in every shopping center, there is a nail salon.

All of these nail salons are providing services. None of them are going out of business. They’re all being patronized by different clientele. And no one is stopping another one from operating their businesses and earning revenue. Some may be doing better than others. That could be true, but they’re all continuing to operate and they’re all continuing to do their thing. So I stated to her that if they’re able to do those things, and they’re not thinking about the shopping center that’s next door that has another nail salon in it that may be similar to theirs, why should you think any differently? And she said, you know what? You’re right about that. I never really thought of it that way. And I said, yeah, it’s true. I don’t think a lot of people think of things that way and some do, but especially when you are unsure of yourself and you just don’t have that faith to believe in yourself and believe in what you desire to do, then you have to build that faith.

So sometimes the only way to build faith is to see it and to show examples of it. So in that example, that’s what I attempted to do for her and with her. And so this is why competition and thinking about competition really is a waste of time. If your focus isn’t where it should be, then you’re giving energy to your so-called competition. I never subscribed to competition. I’ve just always tried my best to focus on what I do, who I am, what I’m trying to do in the moment and where I desire to be in the future.

Now, there are times where people will try to bring it to you. And I know that I’ve experienced it where someone may come to you and say, Hey, did you hear about this other business that does what you guys do? And I would have to check it and say, no, I haven’t.

And even if I did, I would say, well, what’s your point? Why does it even matter? So you have to also check the energy and check that when it comes to you or when someone brings it to you. Because a lot of times, those are meant to be confidence knockers; things to just knock your confidence level down and to cause you to focus on the so-called competition. And so you have to just nip that in the bud and continue focusing on who you are, what you do, what you have to offer and what your desire is. So yes, thinking about the competition really is a waste of time.

I didn’t have a lot of the confidence that I did in the years after I started my business to see results. It was a scary thing for me in the beginning. And then there are times throughout that journey where you start to second guess yourself, and wonder, do I need to be doing something different in order to see different and better results, or you may have experienced things such as I have where I have experienced some things in my journey that were not fun. Things that were not fair, things that were hurtful. And it caused setbacks and caused me to think about things for a moment. And you know, it made me wonder what is going on, but competition really is irrelevant. So even if someone is doing similar things that you’re doing, there is enough out here for everyone. God created the universe. I know some people say, God is the universe, but God created the universe. And there is so much abundance. There is so much supply and you have to remind yourself of that. You have to say, there is so much available for me. There is so much abundance for me. There is so much that is available for me now. And you have to believe it now and continue to speak that, continue to speak it into existence and speak it until it’s second nature. Will you believe it?

I hope you have an amazingly blessed and beautiful day!