How To Know You Have A Conscience For Business

How To Know You Have A Conscience For Business

I wanted to discuss having a business conscience. And what that means is someone who respects those who are in business for themselves, who respects the amazing businesses, whether it’s their franchise or you know, a mom and pop business or whatever type of business that it is. Even if it’s an apple, you are respected. Do you have a business conscience? And you’re not an employee of this business and you’re complaining about the owner. .You’re complaining about the way things operate there. .You’re complaining about the owner being successful and being rich. .You’re stealing from the business. .You’re not respecting everything that this business has supplied and paid for that’s giving you an opportunity to be an employee at their business so that you can make money. A lot of people speak negatively about jobs these days and sometimes I feel like we’re on a downward spiral when it comes to people in businesses needing employees for your business support because a lot of people just don’t want to work anymore. They want all of the trappings of success, but they don’t want to work for it in order to achieve it and obtain it for themselves. They rather get it the fast way; they want to steal from the business. They don’t respect this business and what it has provided, and it’s not to get into the topics of people who are unscrupulous in business that are multimillionaires and have money to just wipe their butt with. I’m not talking about those people. What I’m talking about is honestly, people like myself.

I’ve had people that have worked in my business claiming that they want to have their own business, but they don’t even know how to treat my business. You treat the products and supplies as if it’s nothing, but these are things that I spend so much money on. You don’t respect the way that I have set the rules and regulations up in the employee handbook because you want to do things your way and yeah, you want to have your own business. If you don’t know how to treat someone else’s business and be a great employee in theirs, how do you really expect to have a successful business of your own? Again, like I say all the time, being in business is not all about you. It’s about everyone else and you are on the receiving end of it with gaining the success and the wealth and the money and the prestige and the other things that come along with that, but it doesn’t negate the work that you have to do and a lot of people don’t want to work.

I went to one of my beauty business locations not long ago and I was doing some things after I had some former staff leave that I needed to get rid of and, you know, clean some things up to get some new people in and it was just amazing to me how some of the simplest things that they should know how to operate products and tools and supplies. They were so sloppy with that. It was just money for me in the garbage because they weren’t taking care of things the way that they needed to take care of. And it was just a joke to me because I’m thinking, okay, you say you want to have your own business. You say, you eventually want to be an entrepreneur, but yet you can’t treat the things that I have provided for you to work with to be taken care of and you want to have your own business.

Like you can’t even take the trash out. I’m just saying it starts with the simple things. When I worked in other people’s businesses, I always respected their stuff and I can honestly say that it has a lot to do with how far I’ve gotten in life and business because I’ve treated people at other people’s businesses and things with honor and respect, whether I care for them that much or not. And that just really didn’t have anything to do with it. Even back when I was a legal assistant, I didn’t get upset when the attorneys would take time off and go golfing and they didn’t come in until noon, you know, on a Friday or they may not have come in at all. I said one of these days that’s going to be me, not saying I want it to be an attorney or be out on a golf course, but I’m saying having a more flexible schedule.

But while I was there, I respected and honored what was going on there and I did my job and I didn’t steal from anyone. I didn’t destroy their property, I didn’t disrespect them. So it makes a big difference. How you start is how you will end app. Are you an entrepreneur that has employees and your business and you don’t feel that they have a business conscience because they don’t respect your business? Are you an employee now and are you aware of the business and what they are giving you an opportunity to do?

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