Why You Should Purge In Your Business For Prosperity

Why You Should Purge In Your Business For Prosperity

Wanting to share something that was on my heart as the minister of beauty. This is not just a business, it’s a calling for me. A lot of people see the term, the phrase or the word “minister” and they acquaint it to somebody who is the minister of a church or you know, a preacher or something like that. I’m neither of those. I don’t have a church. I’m not in anyone’s pulpit and I’m not here to preach to anyone. I’m just here to serve and that’s what a minister does, a minister serves. But I’m a beauty business entrepreneur. I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2006 and I’ve been a beauty business entrepreneur since 2008.

I am blessed to be in the position that I am in, but I’ve been like I said, a beauty business entrepreneur since 2008 so it’s been a little over 10 years now. And it’s something we see a whole lot of in social media is people saying things like “all I do is win”, “it’s winning season”, win, win, win, and yet those things may be true, but not a lot of people are talking about the losses. It’s like this phrase in a song that I love called a sweet victory. One of the lines in the song is “ I hear you talking wins, but I see your losses”, not a lot of people see the losses. Not a lot of people like to share the losses because it makes them feel like they’re defeated or they’re losing. My business has been blessed to continuously grow over the years and I’ve doubled my businesses income pretty much every year . . . except for 2018.

And here’s one of the reasons why. It wasn’t because of anything that I did wrong. And if I did something wrong, I would definitely share that. But I had to start letting some people and some things go. Sometimes you have people in your camp, you have people in your space and your surroundings or in your business that are not helping you grow. Even though it may seem like they are. But I had to start letting some people and some things go. And when you start doing that, you experience some losses. But these things are temporary. They’re momentary. It’s not forever. It’s just for a season. So right now, at this very moment, I don’t have as many people working with me as I did before. And I’m okay with that. I started just saying, you know what? I don’t really want this person or that person around me.

So I started to do some things to release some people from my life and release some people from my business. And for those reasons, I’m kind of starting over. I’m in a stage of bringing in new blood. Some of the people that are with me now have been so tremendously helpful in my life and in my business that I couldn’t imagine having the stress of some of the people that used to work with me still on my own team, so to speak. And they weren’t on my team. They were just here to make really great money. And I’ve helped a lot of people make really great money. Some of them straight out of the cosmetology and beauty schools never having a job where they made as much money as they did. And they did with me because I gave them the tools and I gave them the strategies, but not only that, I did a lot and do a lot in my business to help them to earn those incomes. Something a lot of businesses won’t do.

But at any rate, I am in this transition period right now and I’m really thankful that I’m learning that sometimes in order to see prosperity you have to purge and sometimes you have to purge people. It’s not just things, it’s not just stuff. And when you are going to a level of prosperity and growth, you’re going to experience losses before you see those gains. That’s just the way life happens. Ok, I’m no Warren Buffet. But recently I read a little snippet of a story he was talking about how this 2018 he experienced the highest level of losses that he has ever experienced in his business. So a lot of people are going through that, but he’s not defeated. He’s not calling it quits or allowing that to stop him and neither am I and I’m here to say neither should you.

Don’t allow the things that you have experienced and the things that you’re going through right now currently to stop you see it for what it is. Take inventory, put it on paper and decide what you need to do for yourself, for your life, for your business, your life depends on it and you have to save yourself before you can save anyone else. And you know the rates of pay that I was paying to some people is just really ridiculous. I’m not saying that people aren’t worthy of a good wage. I truly believe in that. But I believe that you have to work for that and it should be earned and not given. And I was giving a lot and I wasn’t receiving a lot in return. So I’m making some changes. I’ve changed some things around, even move some furniture around in my business. 😂

Don’t be discouraged if you’re going through a season of changes or you have people that used to be in your life that isn’t there anymore and you’re wondering why or you had to cut some people off. 2018 was a year I cut a lot of people out and, a lot of things out of my atmosphere that was not doing me any good, even though it felt like it was doing me good, it really wasn’t. 2019 my journey continues as I am still purging; some by my own choice and some by others choice but still for my good. I have a lot of great things are coming, I’m really excited about.

And again, it’s not about me, it’s to help other people. I believe that my experiences in the world of entrepreneurship have not just been for myself and for me to learn some things as to help other people so that they can avoid some of the things that I went through. That’s what the experiences that we go through in life should be. It should be to help other people to prevent them from tripping up and making the mistakes or you know, stepping into the holes or the pitfalls that you may have experienced in your life. It’s to help somebody else. So that’s who I am as the minister of beauty. I’m here to share the Bible that stands for business inspiration, beauty, life, and enjoyment.

Beauty, Blessings & Prosperity,