I know that so many people are going through things right now and some more than others,
but it’s important to stay informed. It’s important to know what’s going on, but I believe
sometimes the devil really is in the details; like literally! And if we are constantly being pumped
with the news, the information that’s coming from the media about this virus and how many
people they’re predicting to die. . . and how you need to socially distance. . . and how you
need to stay at least six feet apart. . . and how you need to make sure that you’re wearing a
face mask out in public. . . and that you, even though you may be in a state that they’re lifting
the stay at home orders so that businesses can reopen, but others are saying that you would
be a fool if you went back to work and you should stay home because it’s so soon. . . .
You just have to know what is going to be best for YOU and make the decisions for YOUR life
because no one else can live your life for you and no one else really is going to protect you
more than God and yourself.

Now, of course you have your parents. Possibly you may not have any parents right now. You
have your children or you may not have children, you have family or maybe you don’t really
have a whole lot of family. I can understand that, but when you are depending on the
government to help you, you are really in a bad space because the government is “We the
people” we who work and pay taxes. Our money goes to the federal government and there are
so many large corporations that get so many tax breaks and tax write-offs and all of these
different things that will benefit them so that they don’t have to pay the amount of taxes that
they should pay. Then it’s really the middle class that gets the short end of the stick and I am
one who’s in the middle class. A lot more people are in the middle class than are in the top tier.
And even those that are in the, you know, the very poor category. I wouldn’t wish for anyone to
be in the very poor category myself, but that’s just a part of life unfortunately. And so being in a
position as myself, being a small business owner, and it would, of course, be very nice for the
government to help out during the situation because I didn’t get myself into it. I can’t rely and
depend on them. If I were to receive help, of course, I’m not going to turn it down, but that has
not happened yet. And in the meantime I have to do what I have to do to look out for myself.
So what I am saying to you is that use this time to evaluate your life. Where have you come
thus far since you have begun?

Are there things that you are still yet to achieve that you are looking to achieve that you haven’t
been able to yet? And then utilize this time to try to make it happen. Will you be able to
accomplish everything you’re desiring to have happened? Maybe not. But you can try and you
will be a whole lot more head at this time than you would have been if you didn’t have this time
to take. And one of the things that I’m doing is I’m getting back into the studies of the things
that I’ve been desiring to add to my repertoire of my resume. And so now that I’ve got a little
bit more time on my schedule, on my calendar, I should say since my schedule is not as full as
it would be due to extended stay at home orders in my state, I’m going to work on those
studies so that I can get closer to the place that I desire to be.

So I encourage you to do that but do not allow fear to paralyze you during this time because
fear brings on unease, which brings on dis-ease, which is a disease and I don’t desire any of
you to become sick. If any of you have been going through it right now or have gone through
Corona-virus, Covid-19 and have recovered, God bless you. If those of you know anyone who
has suffered through this virus and has unfortunately lost their lives, my condolences to you
and my prayers and thoughts are with you and their family and yours at this time. Seriously, I
know that is a cliche statement that a lot of people just say and they don’t really mean, but I’m
literally praying for everyone. I just really get frustrated when I hear so much negativity in the
media and are some of the things they are saying true.

Absolutely, but we have to focus on other things and unfortunately there’s not enough good
news going around, but there are good things happening in our world. There are some good
things happening in our society, but I do believe that a lot of the reasons why there’s so much
more negativity going on is because of negativity breeds negativity and when that’s all you see,
and that’s what all is being pumped into our ears and into our eye Gates and to our hearts,
then it breeds more negativity. People complain,  people murmur. People are frustrated. People
are angry. Yeah, I’ve had my moments of ranting. I’ve had my outbursts. I’ve had my moments
of crying and frustration. Absolutely because I’m a human being, but I also have to recognize
that I am a spirit being living a human experience. Right now, I’m living in this human body, but
this is not the ultimate end all be all.

I’m going to enjoy this human existence. I decree and declare over my life and over my health
that I will be well; no sickness or disease will come near my body because I do believe that the
word of God gives us the authority to do that. But a lot of people don’t know that. So they
don’t do it and some who read it and they don’t take it seriously and there’s some that just
don’t know about it. I’m not here to persuade or coerce anyone into believing in God. But I’m
telling you that if there is any time to learn more about God and the promises that he has made
for mankind, for those who choose to believe in him, because he has not made anyone to
believe in him.

It is your choice. It is your option. I encourage you to do that. I’m not a preacher, even though I
have the title as the minister of beauty, I’m not the minister over a church. I am just one who
serves in so many different capacities in business, inspiration, beauty, life, and enjoyment. That
is what I do. I’m not here to coerce or convince anyone to believe as I believe. But I am telling
you what works for me and I’m just letting you know that you cannot live during this time in a
box, in a bubble, in fear and torment, in turmoil and in frustration and anger and in fear.
A lot of what is coming out of the government and what is being shared to the public, it is not
positive. It is negative. There’s a lot of infighting. They’re not really coming together for the
sake of the people. We, the people, are the government. They are there to serve us. They are
not there for us though, but to serve themselves. And unfortunately, so much of that has turned
around in a time where it is like the people have become those who are serving them so that
we can get what we want versus them serving for us so that we can get what we want as we’re
supposed to. They are supposed to represent us. That is it.

Take care of yourself, take care of your mind, take care of your body, take care of your spirit as
much as you possibly can. And I do believe that the more you take care of your spirits, the
more it will feed health to your natural body. So feed your spirit. Don’t starve your spirit. So
many of us are starving our spirits and we’re not feeding our spirits. Our spirits are hungry, our
spirits are starving, our spirits are spiritually dying, which once the spirit dies, that’s it. This is
the minister of beauty here to share the Bible. That’s business, inspiration, beauty, life, and

I hope you have an amazingly blessed and beautiful day!