You may have had some doors closed in your face, in your life, in your business, in your school that you’re attending and it can feel very discouraging. I know because I’ve been there on a number of occasions in my life, seriously, but I’m here to tell you from my own personal and business scenarios that closed doors do not mean dead ends and they can be great opportunities for you to start over to do something different. I had a number of doors closed in my face, like I said, over the years, but especially in 2018 I had a number of things that turned around a number of people that did different things and closed the doors on me and it was hurtful for a moment. I did feel like, well, is this it? Is this the end?

But I soon picked myself back up and I realized that, you know what, I didn’t get into this because these people were the ones that told me to do this. I got into this because I knew that I had a vision and a plan and God has something greater for me. So just because they may have closed the doors doesn’t mean that it’s a dead end. It just means it’s an opportunity for me to regroup. I think about things a little bit differently, make some plans, arrangements that are going to turn some things around and it’s absolutely turning around. So again, close doors do not mean dead ends. They can be great opportunities for success. Think about some of the greats in business who have had situations that happen to them, but they became more super successful than other people could have ever imagined or dreamed and sometimes maybe even bigger than they even imagined or dreamed.

So don’t see a closed door as a dead end. See it as an opportunity. Seize on the moment, do your research, get coaching, mentoring whatever you need to do to help you because you can’t do it all alone. You do need help, and watch things start to flourish and turn around in your life. And then be thankful for that closed door as an open opportunity.

Let me know some situations that you’ve had where you had a door close in your life, whether it was personal or business, and how you overcame it, or if you’re still going through. If you would like to schedule a chat with me, you can do so here.

Beauty, Blessings & Prosperity,