I just wanted to do this quick blog just to encourage all of my business owners, all of my entrepreneurs, and just discuss something regarding business. Don’t be afraid to start over. I am an entrepreneur as of ‘06 and the current business that I have right now, I started in 2008. Last year, 2018 was a pretty rough year for me in business.

Not so much regarding the business itself, but a lot of it had to do with dealing with people. And for the majority of us in business, most of us have to deal with people, whether the people are staff, the people are our clients or customers. On some level, we have to deal with people. And let’s be honest, a lot of people in this world can just be extremely messy, entitled, spoiled, and dishonest. Just a number of things that we can think about and say regarding people. And sometimes these people that you have dealt with in business can try to make you feel like saying, “Is this even worth it?” “Do I even want to continue moving forward in this?” “I think I’m just going to give up.” Remember why you started the business. Remember why you got into the field that you chose to get into for your business and for your entrepreneurship dreams.

And were any of those people in your, in your mind’s eye when you started your business? Was it depending on them? If you are aligned to either start the business, push forward in the business, have success or have a failure or whatever it is in your business, did they really matter? Did you do it for them or did you do it for you? Remember why you started in the business. And don’t be afraid to start over if you have to. Last year marked 10 years from me in the industry that I’m in, which is the beauty industry, and I made a video on my youtube channel and you can go check it out. I don’t remember the exact title of it, but it was along the lines of, 10 years in this business and I’m not stopping. I’ll have a link to the video on this blog.

I really had a motive for making that video. And one of the motives was to let anybody who may watch that video, who may know of me, who may know a little bit of my story know that whatever they think I am going through it is not going to stop me. And the thing about it is nobody knows everything about you. I don’t care what they think they know. They don’t know everything about you. And I can tell you, nobody knows everything about me that they think they know just because they may have heard this or they may have seen that, but I was letting people know, no matter what, I haven’t stopped. No matter what I’ve gone through, I’m not going to allow other people to be the cause of why I stopped. If I choose to stop, it’s because I make the decision to do it. Not because other people have worn me out or tore me down and they made me feel like I’m inferior or I just can’t do this.

I can’t make it and I have to stop. I have dealt with so many people that will make you feel like if it wasn’t for them, you wouldn’t have what you have or you wouldn’t be able to do what you’re doing and it’s like, these are people that I encountered, you know, down the line in my business that didn’t know me when I even had the thought of this business or when I even started the business years ago. Just because you met me five years ago, or you met me two years ago, or you met me a year ago and you think you know something about me doesn’t mean that you know me. And it doesn’t mean that you know my business. And I’m saying that about me to encourage you. Just because somebody thinks they may know you just because somebody thinks that they have your number and they can tell you about yourself or tell you about your business or tell you what you need to do for your business, and they really don’t know.

Don’t allow these people to get into your mind and to get into your heart and to get into your spirit because there are so many people that you may think are for you that really are not. Some are really wishing for your downfall. And sometimes those people that are connected to you, they may be a business partner. It may be somebody in your family, it may be a coworker or an employee, a staff member, you know, somebody like that. And they make you feel like they’re for you and they want the best for you and they’re trying to give you advice or they’re trying to help you out, but they really want to see you fall. Ask me how I know!

If you encounter situations like that, don’t be afraid to start over. Some people may make you feel like you can’t do it without them. They’re not your God. They’re not your source. They’re not your life-giver. You don’t have to give in to that and you don’t have to worry about things like that because it can be intimidating for a moment, but it should not stop you from starting over. If you have to let go of some people and you have to start over, then don’t be afraid to do that. It’ll actually be for your benefit in the end.

So some of those people that are hangers-on and they make you feel like they have your best interests at heart and you can’t make it without them; or they make you feel like they have a lot of great ideas about your business and they can really help you and they really want to support you; a lot of times it’s not true and they’re really hoping and wishing for your downfall!

So you have to be okay with letting some people go. Ridding yourself of some people, separating yourself from some people and starting over. And even if that means you’ve been in business for 25 years, it’s not too late to start over because you still have life and breath in your body. You can continue to make it and yeah, sometimes when you’re starting over you may have to cut back and let go. Sometimes you may not be making as much money as you were before, but you can start over. That’s temporary, a set back for a comeback.

Just like the stock market. The stock market has its times when it goes really high and then it has some times where it has some loss, but there will be a correction so look forward to the correction in your business, but don’t be afraid to start over.

Let me know in the comment section if you had to start over in your business at some point, or if you have some things going on right now and you’re going to have to start over and you’re wondering how you’re going to do that.

Beauty, Blessings & Prosperity,