I am a successful beauty business entrepreneur and it did not come easy, but it came and it’s continuing to come. But for many years I was really ashamed of talking about the success that I have obtained and you don’t have to tell somebody how much money you’re making or how much was in your bank accounts or any of that stuff. Cause honestly I just have boundaries and I feel like there’s certain things that you share and certain things that you just don’t, I don’t care how much someone is paying you or how much someone likes you. There are just some things that don’t need to be shared with everyone. But I didn’t feel that I was worthy of sharing the successes that I gained because I felt like at one point that it was something that if I said I would be bragging, and I didn’t feel comfortable with it.

Here’s why you have to share your story and glory. It’s cool to talk about the struggles and to let people know what and where you may have fallen short or you may have failed. But it’s even more important sometimes to share it with people from the failures and from the shortcomings, the success that you have achieved and the glory that you have received. And when I talk about glory, I’m talking about the stuff, the, you know, the money, the blessings, the higher levels, all of those things. That’s the glory. You know, that’s just some of it I should say. You have to share that because it’s not just for you, it’s to help somebody else. You never know who is going to be inspired by you, who needs to hear what you have gone through and how you overcame it and how you obtained the victory.

Because there’s somebody that’s going to walk that same path that you have walked. And actually, there may be many people who will walk that same path that you walked and they need to know that somebody like them experienced similar situations and made it out! That gives them hope. And they can say, well, if that person did it, I definitely should be able to do this. I definitely should be able to obtain victory and not live in defeat. They will feel they can get over and above their circumstances and struggles and be greater and better than where they are right now. It gives people hope and that’s what people really need because we do live in a very dark world and discouraging society. You have people that are rooting for you to fail, so to have someone that they look up to, even if they’re younger than you, it’s not always about someone looking up to you because you are older than them.

They may be older than you and they may not have found that person in their life that they can relate with. They can say, wow, this person is doing it and they’re younger than me. If they can do it and I’m still here, it’s not too late for me, I should be able to do this too. So that’s why you have to share your story and your glory and do not be ashamed of it. So do you have issues with sharing your story and your glorious outcomes because you feel like you’re bragging about it or you don’t want anyone to feel that you are thinking that you’re better than them because you’re talking about the blessings that have happened in your life?

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