Television, movies, social sayings and memes often make it out that family is over everything else.  But to what extent?  Does that mean if you don’t have a close family relationship that you are not complete?  I think family is important.  But I have come to realize that is not everyone’s situation.  I have had to come to that realization a long time ago.  I didn’t grow up in a close knit family.  Unlike my only sibling, who I am not close with either, I am okay with it.  Because all in all, I am an individual before I am a family.  I was born alone, as Elizabeth L. Jennings.  I didn’t grow up as a twin, I didn’t have anyone at my hip the entire time.  I didn’t grow up with I Love You’s and hugs and kisses from my parents.  But I grew up knowing that I was created in the image of God because I’m here.  And that is enough.

I’ve been blessed to be in a marital relationship for years, but even in that I knew that my life was my life, and I had to make myself happy.  Yes, when it came to things I wanted to do for my career, I didn’t put family over everything.  I had to sacrifice time and many things to do what was mandated to become who I am today in my career.  I know I can never get the time back that was lost on nights out with the husband or spending time with our son.  But I am okay with that.  Listen, not everyone has the perfect life.  And who says life is supposed to be perfect anyway?  Oh yeah, that’s right.  Television and media.  But those are just that, telling a vision and programming.  I am just not made that way and will never feel guilty for not having a closely knit family growing up, or even now.  That doesn’t mean I love any less, I just love differently.  And I’m cool with it.