When you are being prepared to go to new levels, whether that’s in your personal life, whether that’s in your business, there are some things that will take place. I am a Beauty business entrepreneur; I’m a businesswoman. I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2006 and more specifically I’ve been a beauty business entrepreneur since 2008 I have been blessed over the years. In my business where it has just been a continual growth cycle. I have not experienced losses in my business over the years that I have been building. It has just constantly grown. . . . Until last year.

2018 represented my 10th year of being a beauty business entrepreneur and I did a video last year on my YouTube channel, and I talked about how I’ve been in this industry for 10 years and I’m not stopping. I talked about, you know, a few different things in that video, but to be honest, I really did that video for me to encourage myself because I went through a lot of experiences in my business last year that involved other people, outside forces, and it was just a lot of crazy stuff going on and some things that I’m still dealing with because when you experience something just because things are getting better, it doesn’t mean that everything is 100% better right away.

The business is still doing really good in spite of some things that have happened, but because of some things that happened, it kind of caused a domino effect with some other things. And it’s actually a topic that I’m writing about in a book because for me, writing about these things in more detail would be more beneficial for me and hopefully beneficial for the readers than just doing a few videos or blogs about it. For me, it’s going to be more of a healing process for me to put it in a book form because I did experience some bouts of depression going through that situation. When you are being prepared to go to different levels and go to higher places in your life, the one thing that you can expect to happen is obstacles!

And it will be things that may be related to what you are being prepared for. Some of the obstacles that you may experience may have nothing to do with what you are being prepared for. But when you are being prepared to go to new levels, be prepared for obstacles. It won’t be because you did anything wrong and you’re going to question yourself and you’re going to wonder what did I do wrong to cause these things to happen. I’m not saying that you may not have made some decisions or you may not have made some choices that could’ve been different, that may have prevented some of the things that will transpire in your life from happening. But if it won’t be that, it will be something else. You will go through obstacles when you are being prepared to go to new levels.

I like to relate to the Bible a lot and it’s not because I’m trying to preach to anybody. I can think of a number of different people in the Bible that went through a whole lot of things, but it was preparing them for a new level. One person, even though many people in the Bible went through a lot of difficulties when they were being prepared to go to new levels, the one person that I relate to is Job. If you all do not know the story of Job, I really encourage you to read the story of Job. Whether you read it in the Bible or a separate book study, I encourage you to do it.

Job went through so many difficulties. He had a lot, but he lost a lot. And even though he went through all of these things, he never just threw in the towel and quit on God, his belief, and his faith and there were people that were surrounding him. He had his friends that would tell him that he was crazy. His own wife even said, you know, you’re crazy. You need to just go ahead and curse God and die because you have no hope. There’s nothing left for you. I relate with a lot of that story of Job because I went through a lot of situations in my life business-wise where I lost a number of things that it was hurtful. It wasn’t expected, but I have so much more promise that is ahead of me that the things that I experienced, it really is to prepare me to go to a higher level because there’s so much more that is in store for me. I really trust and believe God for that. I really trust myself that the God within me, the Creator that I am, there is so much more that I have admitted that is going to happen. It’s like I admit that I am prosperous. I admit that I am more than a conqueror. I admit that I am a millionaire. I want you guys to let me know in the comments section what you admit to being that it’s positive that you are declaring for your life.

Say I admit ____ and let me know what it is that you admit about yourself that you’re speaking into existence and what you are creating for yourself. You have to admit it. You can’t deny it. You’re either going to admit or you’re going to deny. So do you want to admit that you’re a millionaire or do you want to deny that and say I’m not a millionaire? I’d rather admit that I’m a millionaire even if it hasn’t transpired yet. I would rather admit that I have so many engaged subscribers on my youtube channel and engaged people that are walking with me on my journey, on social media as I share the Bible. I’d rather admit those things than to deny that I have an engaged following or deny that I am healthy. No, I admit that I am healthy. I admit that I am whole. I admit that I am prosperous, so you have to admit that which you desire over your own life even if other people deny it because there are going to be people that are going to surround you that are going to deny that you are what you say you are. You may experience some things in life that you may see as a loss, but it is not a loss.

I’m not saying I don’t have moments where I feel like quitting, but cause you will have those moments because we are human, we are spirits living in a human vessel and this human body gets tired. This human body gets pissed off. This human body wants to fight. This human body wants to curse people out. I don’t do that because I know that there’s greater that is ahead of me and it’s not worth it.

So you will go through obstacles, you will go through trying times, but that is just for a moment and it is also not just for you, it’s to help somebody else. I know that the things that I have gone through and the things that I’ve experienced and the things that I’m still experiencing now, it’s not just for me, it’s to help somebody else who is behind me who maybe two steps behind me or they may be 200 steps behind me and they’re going to go through similar situations and they’re going to need somebody like me to encourage them to say yes, I’ve been through that.

Yes, I’ve experienced that. Yes, I have lost that, but I learned from that and it wasn’t a loss. It was a gain for me and if I can do it, you can do it too because sometimes people just really need that. It’s not just about them seeing somebody from far off that is not really real to them. You may hear the story of these big-time celebrities and it may not be relatable to you because where they are now, you may not be able to see yourself being where they are now. So to hear them say that they slept in their car and they were homeless and they were living in a place where they only had $40 to their name. It sounds inspiring that they made it from that to being The Rock, or being some other big-time celebrity.

But The Rock is a multi, multi multimillionaire who has millions upon millions upon millions of followers on social media and is sort of untouchable. So you may not be able to relate to somebody like that, but somebody may be able to relate to Elizabeth Jennings, The Minister of Beauty, who may not be at The Rock level, but I have four beauty business locations. And I came from a family where my father was on drugs and we moved from pillar to post. We lost houses. We had the lights cut off at times. The water was cut off at times. Sometimes I ate popcorn for dinner. You know, my mom was doing everything that she could to keep us from having to live in a homeless shelter and to live in a car, or out on the streets, but there were a few times where it may have seemed like that’s where we were going to be going because we didn’t have anywhere to go, but at that very last moment God worked things out.

So you will experience obstacles when you are being prepared to go to your new levels. Do not quit because it is just preparation. Say in the comments section, I’m just being prepared for my new level.

Beauty, Blessings & Prosperity,