Hitting 40 last year really didn’t make me feel any diffeent.  But one day I woke up and I literally saw myself; I took the time to look in the mirror.  And I saw myself.  I started to see some lines, a little laxity in the skin that wasn’t there before.  And I began to wonder, does continue to be this way each and everyday after this?

Although I’ve alwasy been aware of taking care of my skin, I am ever more conscientious about it at this point.  Taking the time to truly cleanse, apply my skincare products and regularly doing this throughout the day and before bed has become essential.

I only wish I knew all the things that I do know now many years ago.  I may have prevented some issues I am currently experiencing now.  But in waking up and seeing myself, I started to see the experience of things I have overcome and conquered to be where I am now.  I looked into my eyes in the mirror and saw into the past for many of the years and days I cried countless tears due to circumstances and situations that I had to go through in my life, family and business.  And then I started to see some of the lines differently.  I stated to myself, these lines are well deserved, because I made it through so much, and now the lines are seen as glory.  The lines are being revealed because they are shown through smiles and laughter now, instead of the days I cried and was upset and angry.  So yes, I woke up and saw myself.  And I’m thankful to still be here; lines and all!