I’ve been in business for many, many years and the beauty industry is just the industry that I am a specialist in. But business IS what I do. Most specifically in the beauty industry, I’ve helped many, many young ladies and young women to make more money than they ever imagined they can make in this industry. And I’m pretty proud of that.

So I wanted to discuss how you need to view your career. I had a discussion with someone recently who was a little bit discouraged. She’s in the beauty beauty industry. She’s fairly new. Just finished cosmetology school a few months back and she started getting a little bit disheartened, but this young lady has so much drive. She has a lot of vision for where she wants her career to go and what she envisions for herself in this industry, but because she is surrounded by people who don’t have the same mindset as she does, she started getting a little bit discouraged. So I had a conversation with her and we talked about this. I told her that her mindset is a great thing that she has and don’t get discouraged because there are other people who went through the same education that she did, but they don’t have that same heart and that same drive and that same passion that she does.

Here’s the thing I told her, and this is what I’m going to tell you guys. You think about a doctor and everything that they had to go through and endure in order to have that label of not just being a Phd and just having the degree and having the education, but they’re actually practicing medicine, whatever field of medicine they choose to practice. They had to go through so much to get there. They went through school and they went through more school and then they went to more school and they had to do residencies and they racked up a lot and a lot and a lot of college debt just to get to that place because that’s what they really wanted. And nobody is giving them anything! And if they want to be a doctor, they know they’re going to have to go through those things in order to get to that place where they’re actually practicing medicine and they’re working in someone else’s, you know, doctor’s office, medical clinic, hospital, specialists center, whatever it is that they’re, you know, wanting to specialize in. They had to go through so much and endure so much in order to get there.

I find that a lot of people who enter the beauty industry, they don’t view it the same way. They want a quick fix. They’re looking for something that they’re going to be happy doing or performing, they’re going to be able to and have the ability to make a great deal of money, but they’re not willing to put in the work and put in the effort to get to that state later. They want it as soon as they get out of school, as soon as they finish their program, as soon as they finish college, as soon as they finish that beauty academy, and it is extremely rare for that to happen!

I feel that social media has made it seem like it’s so much easier to make six figures or seven figures being in this industry of beauty. As soon as someone finishes school (or some people who don’t even go to school) they want to make big bucks. Some people are just makeup girls on youtube, and I’m not knocking that. If someone has found success by gaining a following and people are listening to their tips and advice and then they’re monetizing that platform, that’s something completely different. But that’s not the case for most people. It actually isn’t the case for many people. Of the many who are doing makeup videos and hair videos, many are not making great money on Youtube, they have to utilize their skills in other rest to make money.

And yeah, I find that a lot of people who go to beauty industry educational centers where they’re going to become a licensed cosmetologist or a licensed aesthetician or a licensed nail artist, a licensed makeup artist, you know, they aren’t looking at their career the same way they finished the program. And then if they don’t get the job where they have their schedule completely solid and they’re just making money hand over fist, and they have high paying clientele and they’re making really huge gratuity on top of the money that they’re earning in their checks and it doesn’t happen within a matter of a couple of months, then they lose heart and they don’t put in the work and the effort to make things happen.

And if we had doctors that viewed themselves practicing medicine the same way as some licensed beauty professionals, we would be in a pretty screwed up world. I know that not all of the doctors out there are the greatest, but there is a reason why they have to go through all of the things that they go through and endure all of the things that they endure to get to the status that they are. And then even when they get to that status, they still have a lot of dues and debt that they have to pay. They have so much college debt that they have to repay.

Unless they came from a family that had the money that way, then kudos to them if they had that, but a lot of them don’t. But they had that drive and that initiative and that want to, and that hunger to really make this happen. And they continue on looking forward to what their future had for them. And they knew that the future was going to be bright if they continued at it. And I don’t feel that a lot of people view it the same way. They want that quick money. When I started my business, it definitely wasn’t quick money. I made $6,000 my first year in business. That’s not much money, you know?

But if I looked at that as my decision-maker on if I was going to continue to move forward or if I was going to quit and go back into the legal field and I looked at that with discouragement and disheartenment, then I would have went back into the legal field and I would have affected so many other lives that I was supposed to affect in a good way. And it could have impacted some people’s lives negatively if we never met if we never worked together if I never gave them the opportunity to work in my establishment. Because when I started my business, I started my business solely for me. I didn’t know that it was going to be other people that were going to be coming on board, has created opportunities for other people. So I viewed my career just as if I was gonna be a Ph.D.

No, being a beauty industry professional is definitely not rocket science. It’s not being a doctor, it’s not being a Ph.D. It doesn’t require as much education. It doesn’t require as much time. It does require some investment, definitely some money, but maybe not as much as someone who was going to go to a university to become a Ph.D. Absolutely not! So what I’m saying to you is if you want to have a really amazing career, you have to view it just like anyone who was going towards becoming a Ph.D. and being a practicing doctor would, it’s going to be rough in the beginning. It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to require some sacrifice with time and with money and you know, fun moments and, and all of that stuff. But you have to look forward to the future and what you’re doing it to make it worth it.

And I believe that that’s what you have to do. If you really want to see true, genuine success in your career. If you want it quick and easy, if you want to become, you know, a flash in the pan, if you want to be viral, then do that. If that’s what you want to do, try it out and see if it works for you. But I’m talking about the 99% of you, not the 1% that those situations may happen for! 99% of us, that’s not going to happen for us. The 99% are not going to walk into a business where there is already a solidified clientele that you can just begin working with and making the money you desire. Because even if that were the case, people are fickle. They are not loyal. They are not just going to stick in that place of business to get services done with you because you stepped in after someone else left because just because they were there and they were there getting their services done at that establishment, with that previous service provider.

It doesn’t mean that they’re going to automatically transition to you. You’re going to have to earn that. And the way you’re going to have to earn it is you may have to give away some services for free. You may have to give some extreme discounts and some services with those people in order to have them give you a try. You are asking them for the ability to gain their trust and for them to gain some faith in you that you can provide the services for them that they would deem as worthy to pay you for. So it’s a trade-off and those are some things that you have to do and not many people want to give anything away. They want everything given to them. You have to prove yourself!

So you have to go through sometimes some hoops and hurdles to get there. I did that in the way I had to do. No one gave me anything. No one gave me a job where I could step into it and just do amazing services in their establishment in hopes of becoming a longterm employee there. No, I got pushed into entrepreneurship because I tried to work in other establishments and people did not want to give me a chance. One, because I feel that the service that I was specializing in, it was a very new service many years ago, which is eyelash extensions. And in the area that I was, nobody wanted to take a chance on it. And I knew in my heart of hearts that this was something that was going to be successful; for me.

But I was nervous about doing it on my own and because they didn’t give me the opportunity to try it out in their establishments the way I was hoping, and because I’m not a quitter, I said, well, I’m just going to do this on my own. And that’s what I did. And here I am, many years later, four locations later. That’s what I did. But because I had a vision and I viewed my career just like anyone who’s going to go to medical school does, I viewed it like it’s going to be rough in the beginning but later on, it’s going to be sweet. It’s going to be beautiful. It’s going to be what I envision and no it’s not going to be every day sunny and bright and perfect. There will be some down moments. There will be some rainy moments, but if I endured all of this stuff before I can definitely endure more later.

Okay, so I just wanted to encourage you to let you know that if you view your career that way, there isn’t even a limit, not even the sky. There are no limits! You have to break those limitations off of your mind. I have some great tools you can check out if you are interested in learning how to up-level your job and turn your job into a high paying position. You can check it out here


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