Well what can I say? I’ve made it to the ten year anniversary of beauty biz entrepreneurship!  Years ago when I started out, I did with faith but very unsure at the time.  Why was I unsure?  I had no prior beauty experience.  I wasn’t even what you’d consider a beauty girl!  I wasn’t into makeup, and didn’t think it was a necessity.  But how much I’ve learned that beauty truly is a necessity for those who deem it to be so!  It has what has helped me to make millions in my beauty business over these years.  It is what has stores like Ulta and Sephora constantly in business with no signs of slowing down.  Beauty is everything!  But the business of it is not always beautiful.  I have learned so many things in the years of being in the industry, but I thought it would be fund and insightful for me to share some of the things I have learned in the past ten years.
  • God Has To Be The True Source And The Business Is A Resource
  • The Destination Is Exciting, But The Journey Is What Builds You Up And There Will Be Many Hurdles And Mountains On Your Journey.
  • Be Careful Who You call Friend. True Business Friendships Are Priceless, Because It Truly Is Lonely At The Top
  • Competition Is Irrelevant, Because You Should Only Be Competing With Yourself
  • Givers Grow And Receive
  • Integrity Is A Virtue That Will Lead To Wealth
  • People May Hurt You, Use And Abuse You, But Don’t Give Up Because Of The Actions Of Others Because It’s Behind You And Before Them.
  • You Have To Invest, Even When Your Well May Seem That It Is Running Dry, When You Sow Into Good Fertile Ground, You Will Get A Return On Your Investment
  • Watch As Well As Pray. You Never Want To Leave Yourself Vulnerable To The People Who Truly Are Not Happy To See You Prosper In Your Life And Business.
  • Passion Is Painful, But It Will Prosper When You Are Serving A Purpose In Your Business To Serve Others.
So after ten years, what now?  I actually am not sure, but I don’t have any signs of slowing down.  My purpose is greater than just doing lashes and brows and skincare services, but I’m blessed to be doing something that brings me joy.  I will continue to move as I’m lead to do so, where I’m lead to do so.  But one thing I do know, is that whatever it is it will have purpose and profit, because there is nothing wrong with making profit in your purpose.  The Bible even talks about that.  So why should I change the game?  I will continue to get inspiration in the industry of beauty, and will continue to inspire others.  Because I have to pay it forward.  God has allowed me to have joy in my work of my hands, and I want to be a blessing to others as well.

Wishing You a Successful Beauty-Filled Journey,

Elizabeth Jennings💕 , The Minister Of Beauty (TM)