So we know that people who have so many opinions and who are so critical usually don’t have much responsibility and don’t have a lot going on.  I have been the position of being a business owner for a little over ten years now.  In the beauty industry, but an entrepreneur since 2016.  I never got into it because I thought it was something easy, but I got into entrepreneurship because honestly it was something that I had to do.  I didn’t have many choices.  I didn’t have a lot of people looking to hire me, so when you are in a position where you are not in demand, then you have to make the demand for yourself.  So becoming a licensed massage therapist, licensed esthetician and certified lash stylist, I had to make a lane for myself many years ago because there weren’t many places I could go to and have a satisfactory and financially sufficient career opportunity.  I had to make the opportunity for myself, so having the experience of being an entreprneur, I have had many ups and had some downs.

I have learned a lot more from the down moments than I have from the up moments.  Yes, it feels great to win, to make lots of money and amazing to have your phones ringing and having people schedule for services and want to see you.  But boy, you definitely learn a whole lot about people when it’s the opposite.  I’m not saying that I’m going through a situation like that right now.  A lot of the things I’m experiencing right now are choice that I made for myself.  I decided to step away from my business working with clients hands on as much, and working on the business more and be more of the “BOSS” and be more of the business owner than someone who’s operating like an employee who just happens to own a business.  I was so satisfied with doing that for so many years, but in 2018 I learned a lot about my business and other people and myself due to situations that  happened that were beyond my control.  It put me in a position where I had to put things in perspective and make some changes.  So when I had to do things differently I learned a lot about people and when changes occurred how people can flip at the drop of a dime.  I immediately learned that those who criticize the boss will never really be in the position to be a boss, because being a business owner comes with ebbs and flows.  Ups and downs.  Complaining never changes a situation, and quite frankly is just plain annoying.  I don’t think that people can’t share their opinions, but being the BOSS and owning a business is far different than working in a business and just earning a paycheck.  So I have learned that I am built for this.  Yes, when I worked as an employee I had my moments of frustration and things but have never took it to the extent that I have seen many do when they couldn’t get their way.  So I have learned that those who criticize the boss will never truly be one.