We will often have moments in our lives when it seems like it’s one thing after another.  And by that I mean bad things.  Because let’s face it, there’s never a problem with an abundance of great things happening in our lives, right?

But that’s just not life.  It’s not business . . . It’s not reality.  In life there will be moments when we may feel like we’re suffocating for air.  There may be people that are turning against us that we thought would be there for the long haul.  Our friends and family may not understand our lives and project their issues on you or how they think you should react to situations that arise.  So when it all comes crashing down, we need to give up.  Right?!  WRONG!!!!  Listne I know that it may feel like we have to surrender and give up on what we’ve been doing.  But often retreat is defined as giving up.  But you need a retreat.  A moment, a time to get away, regroup and figure things out.  I had a series of things happen in my life and business over the past year and even in the past few weeks that made me rethink some things.  But I decided to retreat.  For a moment.  Giving up is not an option.  I’ve come to far in life to give up now and I believe the best is yet to come.  So you have to believe it too.  Trust me, I know it’s not easy, but you have to continue to keep moving because there are others you are supposed to help through their situations and you will only be able to do that once you have conquered and obtained the victory.  And the victory may not always feel like a win, especially if you didn’t come out of it with lots of money, status or applause.  But the fact that you made it through with some scars that are healed, and you are still here is victory sure enough.